Title: Changelog for TeamPage 4.000054

This release includes the following changes. You can download the latest TeamPage 4.0 release from download40.tracti…

• The labels loaded from a template article now represent the latest labels applied to the article, rather than only those that were applied at the time the article was created or edited. (Forum1787.02)

• Label-driven views no longer include the "Add to this topic" or "Add to these topics" button when the label or labels are inactive or the user does not have permission to post an article with any of the labels from the view. (Server42852, Server26729)

• A recent change could cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException to be raised when a user viewed a section (on a frontpage, newspage, user profile, or other view that included a section) that included invalid label name data. This problem has been fixed. (Server42850)

• When a template article was used for a section definition to provide a template to be used when the user clicks the "Add" button for the section, the template article's labels would be pulled into the Create New Article form. But the labels from the section definition were not loaded initially, which meant that in some cases, the article the user posted would not appear in the section. This issue has been fixed. (Forum1787.03, Server42847). The labels from the section definition are now merged into those loaded from the template article according to the following rules:

• Project Setup permission is no longer required for a project to appear in the list of projects that are listed in the "Projects" drop-down selector that appears when a user is defining their own subscription sections for instant email notifications, jabber notifications, or the email digest, or when a user is defining the sections displayed on their own profile page. Also, when an administrator is modifying another user's emai notification, jabber notification or email digest subscription sections, the projects listed will include those in which the user whose subscriptions are being edited has Access permission. And the projects listed for a user's profile sections always reflects the projects in which the user who is editing the sections has Access permission. (AKJ7610)

• The file that defines the schema for Traction TeamPage's SOAP API, located at config/soap/services/Traction.wsdl in your installation's server directory, has been updated to incorporate the recently added support for label change (reclassify) operations via SOAP.

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Date: January 29, 2009; 12:27:50 AM EST

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