Title: Require Articles in This Project to Have at Least One Name

Set this value to Yes in wiki style projects where it's essential that every article have a unique page name.

When set to "yes," this setting forces the Allow Links to This Article checkbox in the Article Editor to be checked and makes it unable to be toggled off (as indicated by being grayed out).

This means that articles in this project must all have at least one name (one of which must be the article title). If users click on Edit names, they will be able to add or remove names, etc. using the following form:

Note: Users can remove the existing article title as a name, but will not be allowed to save the change unless they have designated another available name as the title. Thus there will always be at least one unique name assigned to the article.

If this setting is set to "yes" the Name Articles by Default setting will be ignored.

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Article: Doc482 (permalink)
Date: December 17, 2008; 1:12:37 AM EST
Author Name: Paul Needham
Author ID: pan