Title: Digest Sections

Configuring this section lets you control the contents of the Traction email Digest. See Sections Overview for more information on the specific section settings controls.

Note: By default, Traction TeamPage may be set to use the Block digest skin with a default setting that causes the digest to Group by Activity instead of By Section. This settings uses the sections to determine what content should appear but then displays that content by project. This has the advantage of being able to cluster discussion threads together - rather than breaking each comment into its own entry in the digest. The Digest Section setup screen is described in this article. For an overview of the digest, . This Block skin default works as follows:

Group by Activity Instead of By Section Setting

A setting that has a major influence on the organization of digests using the default Block skin appears at the bottom of the Customize Block Digest Skin window:

When set to yes, which is the default, the Block digest skin will not group articles and comments by section, but by project with styling elements to denote sections they belong to. Comments will be shown hierarchically under the articles/comments they are on. This digest organization works especially well when nested comments are fequently used.

You need to change this setting to "no" for the default or customized Digest Sections to be used in the Block digest skin.

Digest Sections

If you want to customize the sections, uncheck the Use Default Sections checkbox. The digest section editing interface will appear.

For general instructions on using this interface to configure sections, see Sections Overview

In the context of digest sections, the label qualifier "::?" filters based on the list of projects selected in "My Digest Projects" rather than all projects which may be visible to a given user.

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