Title: Amount of Ancestral Context to Include with Comments in Email Notifications

When the email notifier sends a comment, you have the option to control how much context is provided around that comment. A range of options let you include no context at all, show the paragraph the comment is commenting on, or show the full thread with the new comment highlighted in yellow.

The default is the "Parent Item Only" option, which means that only the target paragraph, along with the target paragraph's article title and details:

The "No Ancestors" option omits thread context altogether:

The "All Ancestors" option is like the "Parent Item Only" option, except that it causes the parent's parent to be displayed, as well as the parent's parent's parent, and so on:

The "Full Thread" option displays the entire thread. The newly added comment is highlighted with a yellow border:

When using the "full thread" option, users can click the "show comment added" link at the top right of the message body to jump right to the newly added comment.

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