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Server Address and Server Name

Specifying a Bind Address

Most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Macintosh OS X, allow a computer to have multiple IP addresses on a single Network Interface Card (NIC).

By default, your Traction server will report the IP address it detects as active in this field.

If your server has multiple internet addresses, this allows you to restrict Traction to answer only to a specified address. In order to bind to only one address, you must specify the address and check the bind checkbox.

Specifying the Server Name

The bind address above lets you control the actual IP address that Traction uses.

However, you may want Traction to use a different address or host name when it creates fully-qualified URLs to refer to resources on your server. Traction creates such fully-qualified URLs in generated email messages (like the digest) and on certain other pages.

You might want to override the default Server Name if you:

Enter the address you want to use for URL generation in the Server Name field. After you press apply, the text underneath will show the base URL that will used.

Note: if your server is configured to run on multiple ports with different security levels, you can use this field to designate which URL base and port you would like Traction to use for printing URLs. To do this, you can enter the complete base URL into this address, including the protocol (http or https).

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