Title: Traction Skins

Traction ships with a variety of interfaces called skins. Each skin has its own look and feel. Some skins have features that make them suitable for a specialized use, others may be developed and installed as plug-ins from Traction Software, your own company or other Traction TeamPage users. Your administrator has setup a default skin for all Visitors and new users. You can override that setting in the Personal Preferences / Preferences tab, see Personal Setup Guide or Server Setup Guide. You can also quickly switch between skins using a Rapid Selector command, see Changing Skins with the Rapid Selector. This section first describes the available skins, then describes how to change skins.

See Available Skins
Skin Preference
Customizing Skin Settings
Using the Skin Stylesheet Editor
Changing Skins
Changing Skins with the Rapid Selector
Navigating the Interface - In the Mexico Skin
Advanced Features and Concepts
Search Skin - Configuring an External Search Engine

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