Title: Fulltext Index Implementation

We recommend that all Traction servers use the Memory Based fulltext index, which keeps the vocabulary in memory. The memory-based index also supports leading and trailing wildcards, e.g. *topher, Chris*. The disk-based index supports only trailing wildcards, e.g. chris*.

The disk based index requires mmap support that is not stable on Windows in versions of Java prior to 1.5. This often leads to full-text index update failures after rebooting without shutting down Traction cleanly (e.g. after an automatic Windows Update). When this happens, the fulltext index can fail to update until after complete Rebuild, Restart, and Shutdown has been performed (after which the index's contents are complete and correct).

Several earlier versions of Traction shipped defaulting to the disk-based index. We advise that all customers use this menu to change their settings to use the memory-based index.

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