Title: Feedback URL

This link specifies the target of the feedback form. By default, feedback form information is sent to Traction Software Inc.

If you'd like the feedback form to be sent to your own TeamPage expert or support department, replace the default Feedback URL with a mailto link like this:


Then any server problems will be emailed to the address you specify.

Tip If you change the Feedback URL, be sure to test it by clicking a feedback link to verify that the email message is sent to the correct address, and that the feedback email passes all email whitelist / spam filter tests used by your organization.

The feedback form contains TeamPage diagnostic and configuration information along with space for a brief note. The feedback form is shown on a special page when a TeamPage error is detected, or when someone clicks the feedback link shown at the bottom of most page by most TeamPage skins:

The feedback page lets people fill in an explanation of what happened, and includes details about their TeamPage server including software version numbers, options installed, and other information that may be useful someone responding to a problem or product support request.

If you'd like to take some more specialized action when a the feedback form is submitted, please contact support@tractionsoftware.com for sample CGI scripts you can adapt for feedback form handling.

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