Title: Checking Effective Permissions

Access Control Lists contain rules that define permissions. You can see the result of applying all the rules that apply to a given user or group using the Effective Permissions view.

You can launch the effective permissions view by clicking the Effective Permissions button on the ACL editor.

The effective permissions for the selected user will be displayed.

If a permission has been granted, it shows with a green checkbox. If denied, it shows with a red X. If the permission has been neither granted nor denied, the box is blank, and the permission is not granted.

You can click the User or Group button to see the effective permissions for any user or group.

ACL rules can apply to users in external directories who don't even have a Traction profile. You can select external users or groups from the lookup control in the Choosing Users and Choosing Groups controls.

You can also show details for Users and Groups by clicking the Show Details link at the top-right of the Effective Permissions window.

This view lists all server and all project permissions (if any are defined) for the named user or group.

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