Title: Debug Logging Controls

Traction is capable of generating additional Debug output to its logfile. This debug output can be invaluable in tracking down problems.

To enable debug logging, both the enable logging and log debuging information checkboxes must both be checked.

After enabling debug logging, you can choose what debug streams to enable by checking the checkboxes next to their names, then clicking the Apply button.

Special Development Debug Streams

A few debug streams have additional side-effects when enabled that can be helpful when developing Traction extensions and customizations.




Turns off caching of SDL templates. This means that you can edit a template and reload the view immediately to see changes, without having to manually clear the server cache.


Turns off caching of XML transformation scripts, so you can edit transformation scripts and reload or re-parse without clearing caches.


Enables listener views to be run directly by entering their URL. Normally listeners can only be invoked by posting Traction articles.


Echoes the complete conversation with the mail server to the console.


Gives timing information for Traction's content parsing and text transformation operations; and enables the SDL timer.* tags, which can be used to find out how much time the Traction server requires to generate pages or parts of pages.

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