Title: Current Journal

The Traction journal is the container that holds all the projects, users, articles, attachments, and shared files. Traction runs one journal at a time.

If you wish to switch to a different journal, or create a new journal, click the Modify button. This will take you to the Journal Setup Overview.

If you wish to change your current journal to work with a different User Directory (e.g. switching to LDAP or Active Directory, or switching from one of those to Traction's built-in User Directory), click the Modify User Directory button. For more information, see the section Changing User Directories and Migrating Principals.

If you are not currently using the WebDAV attachment store, you will see an additional section to the right of the main section. This section includes a Begin Migration to WebDAV button. Clicking this button will create a WebDAV attachment store and copy all your attachments into it. Depending on the number and size of attachments in your journal this procedure can take between several minutes and several hours, and will require a few server restarts. We recommend you run Traction as an application during this procedure, so you can monitor its progress. Visiting any Traction URL during migration will also give a web page showing percentage completed. To learn more about using WebDAV in Traction, see What is WebDAV Used for in TeamPage

The rest of this section gives configuration information about your journal.

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