Title: Configure Plugins

Configuring Plugins

Server Setup

On the Server Setup | Plugins tab administrators can install, activate and deactivate plugins, rearrange, and configure plugins.

Installing Plugins

Traction plugins are delivered as .zip files. To install a new plugin or to upgrade an existing plugin, click the browse button, locate the .zip file, and press the install button.

The plugin will be added to the list. If the plugin includes Java classes or libraries, it will be flagged as "requires restart"; you need to restart Traction before the plugin's functionality will be available.

Reordering Plugins

In some cases, plugins may depend on each other and you may need to make sure that they appear in an order described by the provider of the plugin. To reorder the plugins, select a plugin by clicking its description and using the arrows to move the selected plugin up and down.

To apply changes, press the apply button at the bottom of the page. In rare cases when Java libraries or class files depend on a specific ordering, you may also need to restart Traction before the plugins will operate as designed.

Configuring Plugins

Plugins may provide server, project, and user settings. Default project and user settings can be provided by the server administrator. To configure a plugin, press the configure link to the right of its description.

The plugin's settings editor will appear.

This plugin includes server settings and user settings. You can fill in the requested information and press apply to save the changes.

You can also switch between plugins using the setting editor.

Also see how to Plugins.

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