Title: Clear Cache

You can force Traction to clear its caches by clicking the Clear Caches button.

This will cause:

In most cases, clearing caches is sufficient to cause a server configuration change to take effect. One notable exception is that the server must actually be Rebuild, Restart, and Shutdown for new locales to be added, or for modifications to existing locale files to take effect.

Cache Manager

Traction 3.7 and later include a special interface that lets you selectively clear caches. Type /cachemanager into the Rapid Selector search box to access the Cache Manager interface. You can select the caches you wish to clear, then press the "clear selected caches" button.

This can be used, for example, to force re-parsing of configuration files in order to install a new plug-in while not causing a large principal cache to be jettisoned.

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